This site was made for audiophiles who want to understand the different aspects of perfecting audio playback. We present information on how computers handle audio mixing and streaming and the different processes that occur. We give a comparison of how different Operating Systems and media players have approached the challenges of playing back audio. In our website we cover discuss different frameworks and drivers, processors and other hardware, formats and codecs, and talk about how audiophiles desire perfect playback down to the bit.

The creators of this site were prompted through a course on operating systems to create something that was technically interesting, fun, relevant to the course, and useful. We hope to unravel some of the mystery behind audio on computers–how it works and is affected by Operating Systems, to expose the technically interesting aspects of digital sound, and to provide a useful resource for others confused–especially about the big picture.

The site as it stands will continue to be improved, and is currently thinly sourced and unfortunately, padded with images from other sources. As we move away from content pulled from sites like, but not quite the same as ours, we welcome comments, criticisms, and suggestions, and freely allow reproduction of any of our content. Everything written, though perhaps heavily inspired, is the product of our own consumption, digestion, and regurgitation of material independently learned–we take no liability for errors in content and seek no proprietary gain.


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